Aqua Doula

The Aqua DoulaRental > $285.00
+ deliver charges (if applicable)

Delivery & Set-up Instruction > $40.00
Pick-up > $40.00

To avoid additional charges, clients are welcome to pick-up and drop off birth pools. A 15% Discount/Refund will be applied to rentals that are not used.
* a $ 0.50 (50 cent) per kilometre charge will be applied to deliveries/pick-ups outside the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

The AquaDoula is the original heated, portable birth pool developed specifically for labor and waterbirth. Easily set up in minutes with minimal assembly, the AquaDoula is soft, yet sturdy, and comfortably accommodates mother and helper. Features:

  • Deluxe AquaDoula solid-state thermostat heating system maintains a constant water temperature with no heat loss, especially during longer labors
  • Spacious size: 4’6″ diameter & 2′ deep comfortably accommodates 2 adults with easy access.
  • Soft padded floor and side walls offer superb comfort and strength for both mother and helper.
  • Detailed Instruction Booklet provides easy, one person set-up in minutes. (No tools required.)
  • AquaDoula Cover helps ensure cleanliness and heat efficiency.
  • Premium vinyl light colour Aqua liner enhances visibility.
  • Necessary hoses and handy faucet-hose adapter for easy filling from a warm water tap.
  • Floating thermometer for worry-free water temperature monitoring
  • One Form-fit AquaDoula Disposable Liner (latex free) makes for easy cleaning.
  • 1 pair of Shoulder Length Disposable Gloves (latex free)
  • Fully grounded GFCI Plug/cord heater and temperature controls maximizes electrical safety and user protection.
  • Approx. set-up Time 10 min
  • Approx. Filling Time 45 min
  • Volume when filled 170 gallon
  • Submersible Pump for easy draining in about 20 to 30 minutes.

I wanted the option of labouring and birthing in water because as a midwife, I know of the research about how good water can be for smoothing the birthing process Рmaking it less painful and shortening the dilation stage.  Having the option to labour in water in my own home with caregivers who know me was my ideal way to bring my baby into the world and feel both safe and relaxed doing it.

Sara Booth, Registered Midwife, Seventh Generation Midwives Toronto

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